Yuzu Bath Products: 12 Japanese Favorites


Want to bring the relaxing citrus fragrance of yuzu bath products to your bathroom? Yuzu is citrus fruit commonly found in East Asia and added to many bath and beauty products in Japan. Yuzu has numerous benefits for the health, body and mind; including a relaxation effect, promotion of circulation, smoothing skin and calming the mind. There’s even a tradition of taking a yuzu bath in the winter season, which we’ve written about before.

While yuzu bath products are widespread and much loved in Japan, they can sometimes be a little difficult to find outside of the country. This guide pulls together some of the most popular Japanese bath products, along with links to make them yours.

Yuzu Bath Products

1. Yuzu Bath Salts:
Bathclin Yuzu Bath Salts

Bathclin are a well-known brand that have been producing bath powders since 1930. These salts release a yuzu fragrance when added to your bath to soothe the mind and body. We’ve written about the traditions of taking a yuzu bath too.
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2. Yuzu Make Up Remover:
Nursery Yuzu Make-Up & UV Cleansing Gel

Don’t let the packaging fool you, this stuff is something of a wonder product! It’s the number one selling make up remover on Cosme in Japan (the holy grail of beauty sites). Made in Kyoto; this gel removes dirt, makeup, mascara and sunscreen in a single step. It can be used for pretty much everything else too; as a face wash, massage gel, cuticle remover and pore corrector.
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3. Yuzu Shower Gel:
Daily Aroma Yuzu Body Soap

Daily Aroma have a special range called Kochi Prefecture Yuzu, featuring yuzu oil extracted from fruits in this region. Containing yuzu ceramide and seed extract, this body soap creates fine bubbles and releases the refreshing smell of yuzu.
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4. Yuzu Shampoo & Conditioner:
Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

The Nature Lab Tokyo range was developed by Rosa Takagi with a focus on natural beauty products. This shampoo and conditioner were winners in the Allure Best of Beauty Awards in 2018. Developed to address an out-of-balance scalp, these products promote renewal and growth while repairing and strengthening strands. Yuzu ceramide helps to calm and detangle frizzy hair. Vegan, sulfate and cruelty free.
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5. Yuzu Hair Treatment:
RinRen Yuzu & Ginger Hair Treatment

RinRen produce ethical hair care products focused on using Japanese-grown botanical extracts. This yuzu and ginger hair treatment has a refreshing aroma and can be used in place of shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and add volume. It contains 10 plant-based ingredients; including ginger, aloe, green tea, rice-extract and of course, yuzu. They also sell soft refill packs, to reduce on packaging waste.
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6. Yuzu Hair Oil:
Utena Yuzu Yu Additive Free Hair Oil

Another best-seller is Japan is this yuzu hair oil produced by Utena. Made of plant-derived ingredients, it is gentle and contains both yuzu peel and seed oil. Only a small amount needs to be used, a few drops on your palm can be massaged into the scalp before shampooing or
smoothed onto semi-dry hair after washing.
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7. Yuzu Eye Mask:
Kao Megurism Yuzu Steam Eye Mask (MegRhythm)

This product has a cult following in Japan! This eye mask is applied for 5-10 minutes and generates heat. It creates a steaming effect and provides comforting warmth and relief to the eyes. Designed to ease tension, these masks relieve stress and provide relaxation. They can also help with a good nights sleep.
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8. Yuzu Face Mask:
Lu Lu Lun Plus Yuzu Aroma Oil Mask

Lu Lu Lun are a leading Japanese skin care brand and their iconic face masks are the best-selling in the country – for good reason. This pack of single-use yuzu face masks provide a refreshing citrus aroma to soothe daily stress. Yuzu ceramide also nourishes the skin leaving a bright and smooth complexion.
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9. Yuzu Hand Cream:
Matsuyama M Mark Yuzu Hand Cream

The Matsuyama M Mark range is designed to utilize minimal ingredients. This yuzu hand cream contains natural yuzu essential oil (extracted from the peel) for a gentle aroma and glycerine, shea butter and Brazil wax for their moisturizing properties. It doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue but soaks into the skin to help prevent roughness and dryness.
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10. Yuzu Body Lotion:
Matsuyama M Mark Yuzu Body Lotion

This refreshing body lotion is also a part of the Matsuyama M Mark range above. The milky lotion is light, easily soaks into the skin and can be applied to the whole body. Just like the hand lotion, it contains essential oils extracted from the yuzu peel.
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11. Yuzu Nail Oil:
Uka Nail Oil 7:15 Hinoki & Yuzu

This one is my favorite! I’ve loved this nail oil ever since I was gifted this one years ago. Uka was developed by Kiho Watanabe and is focused on natural and organic ingredients. The oils come in a small roller that is applied to the nail cuticle and massaged in, soothing both the nails and cuticles. 7:15 has a fragrance that leans more towards sandalwood and hinoki (Japanese cypress) but has a gentle hint of yuzu too.
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12. Yuzu Fragrance:
Apothia Los Angeles If Pure Oil Roll-On

Apothia is actually a Los Angeles based apothecary, but this product’s one of the highest rated yuzu fragrances on Cosme in Japan. This roll-on perfume oil combines a mixture of white flowers, grapefruit and yuzu. Made with pure oils, it’s packaged in a sleek bottle that is perfect for traveling.
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