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Senka Perfect Whip (専科 パーフェクトホイップ) has been the number one Japanese face wash for over a decade, and counting. This infamous product is loved for numerous reasons; it is suitable for most skin types, it removes excess sebum, is gentle on the skin, leaves the skin feeling moisturized and is incredibly affordable too. Just a little bit of product goes a long way!

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What is Senka Perfect Whip?

Senka Perfect Whip is the name of the bestselling Japanese face wash. The name is also used to describe the product range of face washes and complimentary makeup removers that surround this hero product (all listed below). These product variations have been developed to suit different skin concerns and types. These iconic cleansers are produced by Shiseido.

The hero product is known for its incredible marshmallow-like foam which is dense, fluffy and super soft. It has ultra-fine cleansing particles (smaller than many other cleansers) that can penetrate pores easily to clear out impurities. It is light, gentle and keeps skin feeling deeply hydrated. With a gentle floral fragrance, it is also has a calming effect.

How To Use Senka Perfect Whip

Option 1: Add a pea-sized amount of product to your hand, foaming net, facial sponge or cleansing brush. The packaging instructions indicate using about 2 cm of product, but you really don’t need that much. Add a few drops of cold or warm water and foam it up into a rich lather for about a minute, adding more water as you need. The longer you spend on this step, the richer the lather will become. Using a foaming net will produce a larger amount of foam that has much finer bubbles. Apply this foam to your face, massage all over and rinse it off thoroughly with water.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can apply a pea-sized amount of product directly on your face with a few drops of water and foam it up into a lather on your face. This method won’t create such a rich foam, but it does save some time. Massage all over and rinse off thoroughly with water.

Please note: If your skin is feeling tight and dry after washing, you are either using too much product or the pH level may be too alkaline for your skin (more on that below).

What are the ingredients of Senka Perfect Whip?

Most of the range is sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free. Some notable ingredients include:

  • Silk cocoon essence: naturally-derived and helps to protect and smooth skin.
  • Double hyaluronic acid: to moisturize and enhance skin softness.
  • Aqua-In-Pool: a unique ingredient developed by Shiseido to protect and strengthen the skin against day-to-day damage.

The formulation of these products has been updated numerous times, along with the packaging (and even some product names too!) This means some of the older formulations are still on the market and can be a little confusing; some users on Amazon report fake products, when they are often simply older or newer versions of the same product.

Does Senka Perfect Whip remove makeup?

The classic Senka Perfect Whip is considered a face wash and is not technically a makeup remover; though it will remove some makeup depending on your coverage. It is designed to remove oil, dirt and impurities from the skin; though many people use it as their one and only cleanser (including makeup removal).

That said, Senka also have a range of products specifically designed for removing makeup. If you have a double cleansing routine, Senka All Clear Oil and Senka All Clear Gel are both makeup removers and suitable as your first cleanser. Senka Perfect Whip can then be used for the second step in your cleansing routine. Alternatively, there is also Senka All Clear Double W which is a double cleanser; a face wash and makeup remover combined into a single product.

What is the pH level of Perfect Whip?

Potential hydrogen (or pH) is the measure of how acidic or alkaline something is on a scale of 1 to 14. The skins average pH level is about 4.5-5.5 (slightly acidic) and many people look for pH balanced skincare products with a similar level (around 4.5 to 7). This avoids disrupting the skin, which can lead to problems such as dryness, flaking, inflammation and breakouts.

The pH level of Senka Perfect Whip is around 8.0, which is alkaline and considered rather high. A high alkaline level means skin can potentially become more dry and dull, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. That said, high alkaline cleansers can always be followed up with a toner that will help reset your skins pH to balance this back out. Every skin type and routine is different, so this doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you.

The best way to tell if a cleanser is a good fit is to see how your skin feels after cleansing. If it feels very tight and squeaky clean, it might be stripping your skin too much. Your skin should still feel moisturized and nourished.

Is Senka Perfect Whip good for oily skin?

If you have particularly oily skin Senka Perfect White Clay provides the most oil control. The classic Senka Perfect Whip is also considered suitable for most skin types, and has mostly positive reviews for oily skin.

Is Senka Perfect Whip good for acne? 

If you happen to live in certain parts of Asia (such as Malaysia and Singapore) you might be able to find Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care in your local area. Designed specifically for acne, this product isn’t available abroad just yet. The rest of the range has mixed reviews for acne – many people find it really helps clear acne, while others don’t recommend it. The face washes contain stearic acid, myristic acid and lauric acid, which can all potentially block pores.

Is Senka Perfect Whip good for dry skin?

If you have dry skin Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In provides an extra boost of moisture when compared with the classic formulation. The sodium hyaluronate and glycerine are particularly good for dry skin. The range does have a high pH that allows deep cleansing, but this can also strip the skin of oils, so you might need to take care if you have extremely dry skin.

Is Senka Perfect Whip good for sensitive skin?

Based on reviews Senka Perfect White Clay ranks the highest for those with sensitive skin. The classic Senka Perfect Whip is also free of the citric acid and alcohol used in other products, which can cause irritation and drying.

What is the best product? 

The following rankings are based upon the average product ratings across a range of Japanese (and global) beauty and shopping sites.

ProductType RatingPrice
1Senka Perfect Whip Collagen InMoisturizing4.5See price
2Senka Perfect WhipClassic4.3See price
3Senka Perfect White ClayBrightening4.1See price
4Senka Speedy Perfect Whip Moist TouchFoam4.0See price
5Senka All Clear OilOil3.7See price
6Senka All Clear Double WDouble Cleanser3.6See price
7Senka All Clear GelGel3.1See price

Senka Facial Wash Range

Senka Perfect Whip
1. Senka Perfect Whip

The classic Senka Perfect Whip is the bestselling Japanese cleanser that removes dirt, impurities and excess oil. It is suitable for most skin types.

Japanese: 専科 パーフェクトホイップ

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Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In
2. Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In

Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In is based upon the classic formulation with added collagen to help moisturize even further and give bounce and elasticity to skin. These properties make it suitable for dry skin and anti-ageing.

Japanese: 専科 パーフェクトホイップ コラーゲンin

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Senka Perfect White Clay
3. Senka Perfect White Clay

Also based on the classic formulation Senka Perfect White Clay has the addition of mineral clay which helps to remove impurities from deep within pores and lightly exfoliates dead skin cells. This can help with cell turnover and refining pores, which helps give a brighter look. It also has oil-absorbing ingredients, so is suitable for oily skin.

Japanese: 専科 パーフェクトホワイトクレイ

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Senka Speedy Perfect Whip Moist Touch
4. Senka Speedy Perfect Whip Moist Touch

The Senka Speedy Perfect Whip Moist Touch is the classic formulation in a foam format. This is ideal if you’re short on time, as you can skip the time required to generate a dense foam.

Japanese: 専科 スピーディーパーフェクトホイップ モイストタッチ

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Senka Makeup Remover Range

Senka All Clear Oil
5. Senka All Clear Oil

Senka All Clear Oil is a makeup cleansing oil that contains silk cocoon essence and hyaluronic acid to protect skins moisture. It also contains rice bran oil which also gently removes waterproof mascara. Ideal for the first step in a double cleansing routine.

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Senka All Clear Gel
6. Senka All Clear Gel

Senka All Clear Gel is a makeup cleansing gel, which also contains the moisturizing ingredients of silk cocoon essence and hyaluronic acid in a gel format.

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Senka All Clear Double W
7. Senka All Clear Double W

Finally, Senka All Clear Double W is a double cleanser – a face wash and makeup remover combined into a single product. It also contains silk cocoon essence and hyaluronic acid for moisture.

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