My name is Ash and ever since living in Japan I’ve come to love all the rituals that surround bathing and skincare. My experiences there led me to a fascination with bathing cultures around the world and I’ve been soaking in baths, onsens, hammams, saunas, hot springs, pools, beaches and more ever since.

About Me

I’ve lived on four continents and have travelled extensively, exploring over 40 countries (so far!) While living in Japan I travelled the full length of the country, visiting all 47 prefectures and immersing myself in baths and learning the beauty of bathing and skincare rituals along the way. I’ve been incredibly lucky to experience wooden Swedish saunas, sunrises in Icelandic hot springs, scrubs in Moroccan and Turkish hammams, Balinese massages and much more. I’m always exploring how to best incorporate slow travel, minimalism and self care rituals in my life.

About Slow Soak

I started this little blog to share my fascination with bathing cultures and skincare rituals from around the world and share everything I’ve learned. Not only do I travel for these experiences, but I love to recreate these self care rituals at home, and hope to inspire you to do the same. If I can share one piece of valuable travel advice, share a hard to find bath product, connect with someone or inspire just one person, it’s all worth it to me!

Thanks so much for being here.

Ash xx 

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